Exploding Experience Expectations!

“A great experience comes easily,”…said no-one ever.

Creating and managing Customer Experience that delights and makes people spend more time (and money) with a brand is no small feat, and the stakes are only getting higher.

CX leaders, CMOs, CIOs, and CEOs seem to unanimously agree. That was my takeaway after spending two days with around 600 of them at CXNYC, one the world’s largest Customer Experience gatherings, in New York City.

Brands around the world are increasingly trying to build their reputation and appeal to consumers with the promise of a great experience. It’s no secret that people deeply care about the quality of interactions they have.

More importantly, people translate the quality of their experience almost linearly to their desire to open up hearts and wallets for the brands that create the most functional and emotional value for them. 

Customer Experience Magazine recently published my perspective on three implications that are important to navigate this rapidly changing landscape.

Read it here - or download the PDF.

Dominik Prinz