A new venture? A new Business Idea? A new Adventure? Chances are High DOminik is in for the Ride.

Technically, Dominik started his first business at the age of 5, when he decided to spontaneously gather some of his mom’s jewelry pieces and sell them to the neighbors. Why, you might ask? Well, so he could raise the funds for a toy he really wanted (but clearly could not afford)... 

And while his passion for new ventures has not changed, his approach to them has (thankfully) adopted a more professional approach.  

Dominik has started a series of businesses. His latest creation is REBELLIOUS; an apparel brand with the goal of inspiring people to discover their inner activist to help create social change. 

Check it out here: www.rebellious.co 


The other brand Dominik has recently founded is BØRN Candles - a social good business that makes sure to provide a life-saving vaccine to kids through every single purchase. Check it out here: www.borncandles.com

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