Forget everything you know about Mobility!

Especially if you work in the automotive industry. A new generation of consumers is re-defining what mobility means to them – and consequently will re-define the very business model of today’s car brands. 

“For me it is easier to not own a car than to own one.” 

What might be a very intuitive and trivial conclusion for this US Millennial will without doubt keep some Car Executives up at night. “Mobility” has turned into word of many meanings over the past few years. 

Especially as the automotive industry’s entire business model has – over decades – been built on the understanding that it is offering products that take people from A to B, and back. The way the drive from one point to the other feels might have changed drastically over time, but the notion has remained the same: building, marketing and then selling a car is, in essence, the business of selling “mobility”. 

Here’s what Dominik defines as the 3 things that shape the new definition of “mobility” – and fundamentally change the role cars play these days:

Justin Merino