The New Branding Reality: “Game Changer” or “Game Over”

The Cambridge Dictionary defines a ‘change agent’ as “a person or thing that encourages other people to change their behavior or opinion.” I would argue that we have to add “organizations” to this definition – because we live in a time where true change is increasingly driven by brands that enjoy a massive sphere of influence.

Yet, the ‘inconvenient truth’ is that change agents are a rare species. There is not quite that many of them out there that fundamentally affect how people think, view the world and, ultimately, behave.

“Why care?” you might ask. “Isn’t change said to be the only constant?” “Are we not witnessing an age in which technological change happens at a higher rate than ever before, creating an abundance of new, exciting opportunities?” “Are we not living in a time in which mind-blowing tech startups pop up at every corner with the ambition to reinvent the way stuff works?” The short answer is: Yes, we are.

The (slightly) longer answer is: Yes, we are – but change is only positive if it is directed towards changing the right things. For example, our biggest social, economical or cultural challenges as a society. We really only witness so many Steve Jobs, Richard Bransons or Elon Musks in a lifetime – entrepreneurs and visionaries that have the unique ability to rally the troops around them to turn their very own version of a better world into reality.

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Justin Merino