The Purpose of Purpose

Voltaire (contrary to the common belief that it was Spider-Man) once coined the saying: “With great power comes great responsibility.” 

Why did he carefully select these now famous words? Because he was deeply disturbed by the abuse of authority and privilege by those in power, while a large part of France’s population lived in poverty. About 200 years later, this statement still stands—especially in a time of economic uncertainty, political turmoil and social unrest.

But instead of the bourgeoisie, it is now businesses that need to reassess their critical role in society. A new and enlightened generation of consumers and employees demands them to take a stand on issues that are crucial to help society progress.

This growing generation is now increasingly rewarding truly purpose-driven brands: by choosing them over their (less purpose-oriented) peers, by paying a premium for their products and services, or simply by coming back as loyal customers, over and over again.
By now, most businesses are beginning to understand this financial upside of being purpose-driven. And herein lie both the opportunity and the dilemma.

Find out what they are:

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Justin Merino